Art Sound Write

Visual art meets the literary world in Art Sound Write, where poets rise to the inspirational challenge of the artworks in Imaginarium: Into the Space of Time.

Join this live reading by poets Samuel Caleb Wee, Iain Lim, Crispin Rodrigues, Marylyn Tan and Patricia Karunungan and you might just be caught in a time warp as you stand mesmerized by sight and sound.

About the Exhibition

Imaginarium: Into the Space of Time

6 May - 26 August 2018

Singapore Art Museum invites all dauntless time travellers to Imaginarium: Into the Space of Time, the eighth edition of the museum’s annual family-friendly exhibition.

Mysterious yet imbued in every living being, time has fascinated humankind for ages. From charting the movements of planets to cataloguing our days, new tools of measure are constantly being created to frame or direct our lives.

Join us as we discover what the fourth dimension means to different people and cultures. Explores the myths and theories that shape our memories and futures, and ponder relationships between time and space.

Through immersive and interactive artworks by artists from the region and around the world, the 2018 edition of Imaginarium invites you to engage your senses and expand your horizons in this journey through time.

Fri Jun 8, 2018
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM SGT
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Singapore Art Museum at 8Q
General Admission FULL
Venue Address
8 Queen St, Singapore 188535 Singapore
Singapore Art Museum

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